May 2023

The event will take place Friday 26th Maj 2023 form 9.00 to 17.30 at the CAFC SpA Conference Venue, in Udine


MatchingDay Udine dedicates this edition to the theme of sustainability as seen from a business perspective.

It is an extended and inclusive concept of sustainability that includes a great attention to production (attention to monitoring and energy saving, production process management, supply and distribution chains...), but also to the product (design, choice of materials...) of whatever type they are (objects, machinery, plants, buildings...).

With the participants, we want to bring about collaborations that lead companies to be higher performing and sustainable, to build efficient buildings and plants, to design and implement innovative products and services that open up new market spaces...

With these directions in mind, MatchingDay Udine 2023 is open to manufacturing and production service companies and professionals working in the following sectors:

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Construction and maintenance of residential and hotel buildings, finishes, building materials, design...

Technological systems

Electrical, plumbing and heating systems, home automation systems...


Furniture and accessories for the residential and contract sector, design....


Precision mechanics, carpentry, construction of machines...


Technological devices

Software and softwaredevelopment

Artificial intelligence, management software, ERP, advanced websites, e-commerce, dedicated SW development...

Business consulting services, website creation and SEO-SEM services are excluded.

How does it works

MatchingDay offers entrepreneurs and professionals opportunities to meet to facilitate the creation of new business and productive relationships and the development of innovative projects.

Through a simple and appealing mechanism that allows participants to choose who to meet, you will have the opportunity to concentrate in one day many appointments with other entrepreneurs and professionals who, like you, want to grow their business.

In fact, after registration closes, you will have the opportunity to select (and be selected) the businesses you want to meet, and the secretariat will arrange your appointments. Every 15 minutes you will meet a new interlocutor to explore collaboration opportunities by putting together stimuli, projects and ambitions...

This edition is exclusively reserved for 100 companies that will be selected to ensure everyone has the most interesting and useful meetings for your business projects.

In more than 10 years of MatchingDay, we have helped businesses initiate hundreds of successful collaborations that have resulted in many new products and services.

MatchingDay partners will also get involved by participating in meetings with entrepreneurs interested in engaging with their service offerings to support development and innovation.

To participate, you must submit your application by Maj 15, 2023 from the restricted area of the website.




€ 100,00 + IVA

Confartigianato Imprese and SDGZ-URES members

Special price for our members from Italy and Slovenia

€ 150,00 + IVA

Other companies

Regular price

The participation fee must be paid within 3 days from the notification of acceptance of the registration and in any case no later than 15 Maj 2023 and includes:

The partecipation to MatchingDay Udine 2023 (two persons per company);

A dedicated page on the printed catalog which will be distributed to all participants;

Free access to preparation and follow-up events to help you to get ready for MatchingDay and obtain the maximum results from the appointments;

A direct line with the support team to help you in all the phases of your participation in MatchingDay;

Free access to all services active during MatchingDay.



Confartigianato-Imprese Udine, SDGZ-URES and our partners offers you dedicated consultancy during the day:

- Confidimprese

- Assicura Agenzia Srl

- Intesa San Paolo



A free wi-fi internet connection will be available on site.


Our Support Team is ready to assist you in the registration process and in all your necessities during the event to help you achieve the maximum results and spend a refreshing and energizing time with the other participants.

You can reach us from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 12.30.


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